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We are thrilled to have launched our own brand with Bidfood distributors.

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Classic favourites made using succulent farm assured chicken and coated in our special gluten free crumb.

Chicken NuggetsChicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

Chopped and shaped 100% British chicken breast with no added water or starches but with hidden cauliflower.

A great way to increase your vegetable intake, with the same great taste you would expect from these teatime favourites.


Chicken Grills

Chopped and shaped 100% British chicken breast with no added water or starches, coated with a crunchy gluten free breadcrumb.

These grills are a versatile staple – add them to a bun or chop in to a salad for a appetising meal for the whole family.

Chicken GrillsChicken Grills


Sustainably sourced fish, carefully shaped and coated in crunch and bubbles. Enjoyable as a snack or part of a main meal.



White fish blended with potatoes and onions, wrapped in a crispy gluten free crumb.

These fishcakes are a tasty family favourite, perfect for an easy midweek meal.


Bubble Salmon

Chopped and shaped 100% pink Pacific salmon, with an appealing crunchy bubble crumb coating.

A fun alternative to breaded white fish, these are a great way to enjoy healthy oily fish with a delicious crunchy coating.

Bubble SalmonBubble Salmon


A selection of fresh vegetables expertly blended - suitable for vegetarians and enjoyed by everyone.

Garden Vegetable GoujonsGarden Vegetable Goujons

Garden Vegetable Goujons

A tasty mix of carrots, peas, sweetcorn, potatoes and onions, all wrapped in a crispy gluten free crumb coating.

Convenient and fresh, a flavoursome alternative to chicken and to add vegetables to your meal.


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