Georgia's choice

Georgia's Choice.


Georgia's Choice is our retail range of products. This range has been developed to offer a real Gluten Free alternative to family favourites.





About Us

When Pauline and Gary's daughter was diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrum at the age of 5, they sought advice from a wide range of sources. The advice to remove additives from her food made sense to them. It was also the motivation that drove them towards developing a commercial range of convenient but additive free foods, based on good quality ingredients that tasted delicious. When their daughter was tested positive to Gluten intolerance, they went back to the kitchen to develop recipes free from wheat, dairy and gluten.

That ethos was brought into Red House Foods so that we can offer a wide range of Gluten, Wheat and Dairy free foods that taste as good if not better than their traditional alternatives.
We now run two full production lines with the capability to produce pizzas, ready meals and breaded and Fried SKUs.

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